Saturday 30th April
to Sunday 1st May 2022

THE One Day Event

Trade Stands

Feedback from competitors, spectators and sponsors is excellent and our trade stands play a crucial role in creating the event atmosphere.

High Profile Event - Withington Horse Trials is one of the most demanding one-day events in the country. Over 1500 people are directly involved in this year's event and hundreds more members of the public will attend. Furthermore, we are oversubscribed every year. In 2019 we had to turn away 64 riders.

Targeted Marketing - over 1500 people are involved in the event. 72% of those live within a 75-mile radius of Cheltenham. Over 250 members of the public were attracted to the event in 2019 with little sought after publicity.

Affluent Attendees - 63% of competitors and 52% of spectators fall into the "AB" socio-economic group.

We do limit the number of stands within a particular category in order to balance choice and variety of offering on the one hand and ensuring that each trade stand can expect reasonable share of the income on the other.

We will be have two (2) Trade Stands areas this year; one at the top end of the Lorry Park and the other by the viewing mound on Cross Country. The former is geared towards the riding community whereas the latter will be focused upon Visitors and Spectators. This way we hope to avoid some of the wind as well!

IIf you are interested, please provide the appropriate details on the Health & Safety Declaration by filling out the form below, which you can directly on the computer with Adobe products, and forwarding it with the appropriate documents. Once this has been checked, we will be in touch to request your application form.


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