Saturday 30th April
to Sunday 1st May 2022

THE One Day Event

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The event is characterised by the following: 

  • A friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The event runs only six cross country classes a day so that there is little pressure to catch up time if a delay occurs. Furthermore, this ensures that all competitors and volunteers undertake their tasks in good light conditions. 
  • High standards throughout with great attention to detail. Both the dressage and show jumping arenas are located on large, mowed and flat areas. The latter phase is presented with a dressed set of BSJA standard show jumps. All the cross country courses are made of significant timber, well built and have clear ground lines for the horses. 
  • Focus on providing excellent ground. The event only runs once a year and all the areas are rolled and aerovated between events. Together with sheep, cattle, hay production and mother nature, all these efforts ensure that the Cotswold turf is in the best condition possible every year. 
  • Alterations take place across all cross country courses every year. Thus even regular competitors face a different challenge annually. 
  • Every year since 2002, Withington Manor Horse Trials has been fortunate enough to have needed to ballot competitors, which underpins the popularity and high standard of the event.

Comments from previous competitors include the following:

"Thank you and your wonderful team for organising such a great event…’ It really was a huge success and all your hard work, preparing the ground and course certainly paid off because the going was perfect – which took some doing with all the lack of rain. Withington is one of our favourite events and we had a great time."

“Thank you and all your helpers for a wonderful event at Withington Manor – it is such a great event and one of the best on the Novice circuit. There had obviously been much ground preparation which is so appreciated…”

“Just a note to say how much I enjoyed yesterday’s event. Everyone, especially the Dressage Stewards and X-country judges were helpful and jolly. The fences were fresh and well decorated and good to photograph – not always the case. This was my first visit but I will be keen to return.”

“Special thanks for a magnificent show. The organisation and preparation with regard to both the detail and course preparation was superb.”

“What a truly professional event – beautifully organised, fantastic course, logistic run with military precision and overall a delightful atmosphere of happy, calm well run efficiency.”

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