Saturday 29th April
to Sunday 30th April 2017

THE One Day Event

  • Coming out of the Woods

  • A Misty Morning View

  • Making it Look Easy

  • The Crowd at the Bar

  • The View of the Village Church

  • Dressage Harmony & Poise

  • Waiting for the Next Combination at the Water

In contract to previous years, 2017 will see Novice & Advanced Classes running on Saturday with Intermediate & Pony CIC1* Classes scheduled for Sunday.

New water jump and sunken road complex for 2017 together with a viewing mound.

Entries open on 26-Mar-17.  Novice & Intermediate Entries were balloted in 2016 so use your April Ballot Numbers to increase the chances of running at Withington this year.

Welcome to Withington Horse Trials '17

Sat 29th April - Sun 30th April 2017 - Action from 9.30am until 6pm

Novice / Pony CIC1* / Intermediate / Advanced


We start the weekend with Novices Classes starting Dressage at 0830hrs on Saturday, 29th April followed by Show Jumping at 0845hrs and Cross Country at 0930hrs.  We will also be holding a specific Class for Novice Competitors under 18 years of age this year. 


Starts with Dressage on Sunday, 30th April so that all the Ponies can be assessed by the Selectors before Show Jumping and Cross Country takes place from 1700hrs onwards. This Pony competition is the final qualifying opportunityand arguably the toughest test that will determine the British 3 day Event Pony Team.  The Dressage Test used will be the same Dressage Test as used for the National Pony Championships as well as the European Championships.


All three disciplines will take place on Sunday, 30th April with some of the Intermediate Competitors undertaking their dressage on Saturday, 29th April.  The Dressage begins ar 0830hrs on Sunday, 30th April followed by Show Jumping at 0845hrs and Cross Country at 0930hrs.  We have also been asked to hold a qualifier Class for the Junior Open Intermediate under 21's to assist the Selectors in choosing the Team to represent Great Britain in 2017.


We are hosting the only Advanced level Competition in the Country to be held during the weekend. All three disciplines will take place on Saturday, 29th April.  The Dressage begins at 1030hrs followed by Show Jumping at 1410hrs and Cross Country at 1450hrs.

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